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The Modern Italian Bridge
3D bridge

The Medieval Bridge

The Italian architects from bureau Progettospore have offered the project of the threefold bridge for pedestrians and easy transport which is developed specially for medieval Italian village. The matter is that this small settlement is on a mountain slope, at height of 480 meters.

The concept has been created for competition on the project of the new bridge which should connect village to an external world. Project Progettospore consists of three bridges which are hanging together.

“Creating this bridge, we have drawn lines which as though are groundless”, — authors, — “that the person moving on this bridge speak, felt free, as a bird, moving in air space”.

The Bridge in Eternity

Bridge in Italy
Threefold bridge
Unusual bridge

We have broken a stereotype that the bridge should have one input and one exit — the given bridge offers their set. The third bridge is accessible to pedestrians with the complicated traficability, on invalid carriages. Trajectories of the bridge and mutual crossing has allowed to use a minimum quantity of support. These three paths in the sky actually represent the uniform interconnected design.


The Modern Italian Bridge {village}