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Brooklyn, New York, Stati Uniti: Bam North Site Ii by Dattner Architects
01-BAM-North-Site-II-by-Dattner Architects

The Bam North Site Ii will be a mixed-use, mixed-income building in the heart of the Downtown Brooklyn Cultural District. the building, to be called “EyeBAM,” will be home to Eyebeam and Science Gallery–bold new cultural uses that will enrich and diversify the district with a focus on the intersection of art, science, and technology.

02-BAM-North-Site-II-by-Dattner Architects

Above will be 109 affordable and market-rate apartments in the 12 story structure. the mix of apartment units will accommodate a range of modern urban households and include 40% affordable and 60% market rate units. Each unit has been carefully laid out to create light filled spaces with high-quality finishes and thoughtful furnishing options.

03-BAM-North-Site-II-by-Dattner Architects

A rich array of social and amenity spaces enhance the residential experience. Extensive glazing at the lower floors highlights the cultural components and activates the pedestrian experience. In-set balconies and double-height terraces articulate the upper base and tower.

04-BAM-North-Site-II-by-Dattner Architects

The building is designed to meet or exceed Enterprise Green Communities and Leed Gold criteria. the result is a dynamic form that reflects the truly mixed-use program and creatively expressing the arts and cultural district. This project is designed in association with Bernheimer Architecture.

Location: Brooklyn, Ny Architect: Dattner Architects Patner: BernheimerArchitecture Area: 115,000 sf Completion: 2015 Client: Jonathan Rose Companies

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Brooklyn, New York, Stati Uniti: Bam North Site Ii by Dattner Architects {USA}