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Insuperable magnetic force Guinness

Diageo and IIBBDO have started video in support of beer Guinness poured on aluminium banks.

Aluminium does not possess any magnetic properties, but not in case of Guinness. The lorry with cans of beer has drawn hundreds refrigerators from all city. Huge iron refrigerators broke glasses, beat out doors, were thrown out from everywhere, carrying by force majeure can Guinness.

As heading promoters have stopped on a slogan "Fridge Magnet". The minute roller about the surprised people and flying refrigerators was a producer Fredrik Bond from Sonny London. For special effects answered Kelly Kerby, working over serial creation "X-Files".

Removed a videoclip in Argentina — still slightly, and it becomes already tradition for Guinness.
"Tipping Point" also removed in this South American country with surprising colour scale and a transparency of air, the elementary attractive architecture and open people.

In shootings «Fridge Magnet» participated more than 200 inhabitants of Buenos Aires who have apprehended this work as amusing and paid game.


Insuperable magnetic force Guinness {promo}