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Business centre Manny

Business centre

Building under name Manny creative from within; in new business center architectural studios and the creative companies will work. It is not surprising, that not less creative it's and outside; the facade represents a mash from the steel details placed on glass. Such format allows to disappear from extraneous eyes, and also creates the light effects imposed naturally on registration of an interior. The project of French architectural bureau Tétrarc.

Art-business project

The building is in the centre of art area of a city, undoubtedly, adding the note in the general plot.

Building in France

On-opinion authors, such image as well as possible displays atmosphere of the modern society, which distinctive lines (at least, in the Western Europe), are creativity, a freedom in choosing and ecological responsibility.

Show-room for Design

On the ground floor in a building it will be located by the show-room, devoted to design. Will hold Here exhibitions, conferences and other events.

Business centre Manny {unusually}