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The Beach House by Jorge Hrdina

House on a beach

Glass Instead of Walls

What for the house on the sea if from the house it is not visible the sea is necessary. It seems, architect Jorge Hrdina and thought, building this house almost without walls...

In this house of a window, certainly, dominate. All structure gives ease and beauty of the general ensemble of lines and planes. Ease is supported with absence of thick columns, walls etc. which, as a rule, are necessary for maintenance of a roof of structure.

On the top floor a kitchen room and premises with the sliding doors conducting to a small terrace (platform) with several chairs and a barbecue. Before a kitchen room, a balcony and a bedroom 19 metre pool with a glass handrail has been made.

Small house on an ocean coast

This house
Small house
Huge windows

The ground floor also is made so that to keep remarkable visibility. Rooms for children and some premises Here settle down.

Besides, in the house there are systems for gathering, storages and clearings of rain water, and the tank for rain water has volume of 25,000 litres. Premises are designed so that ventilation was carried out naturally and only when there comes exclusively hot time air central air joins.

Huge windows, in turn, prolong time of natural illumination of premises, and there is no necessity to include illumination up to the sunset. On a house roof some accumulators and solar batteries for heating of water from a solar energy are located.


The Beach House by Jorge Hrdina {unusually}