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City architecture of the future

Future concept

Sietch Nevada, work of bureau Matsys Designs is an answer to one of forecasts of the further development of a life on the Earth. In conformity with the concept, the world war for resources and, first of all, water in the near future expect.

Fresh water disappears...

Today mass-media discuss oil stocks, but for the present do not pay corresponding attention to such major world resource as fresh water.

Under the scheme, the underground project it is not simple a water basin. Authors have transformed idea into an image of a new city. The underground community is formed round channels which provide water delivery, transportation and an agricultural irrigation. The cellular form creates new typology of areas where new distribution of activity is formed.

Future expect

New typology

Fresh water stock

“Some can underestimate current resource crisis. But, it's inevitable — soon the countries will battle with each other for water. This element is necessary for a survival, therefore we should find the decision before the problem becomes critical”, — authors have explained motivation of the project.

City architecture of the future {water}