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“Eifini” — so the boutique which sells lady's wear is called; under this brand works more than 180 shops across all China. SAKO Architects have thought up an interior for new shop in Chengdu.

Claret scenery

To allocate clothes subjects (as in gallery), walls, the ceiling and a floor are painted in white colour. All other interior is very simple. A counter which grows from a floor, and the long integral hanger, the nickelized pipe in length of 250 metres.

The pipe is freely twisted in an interior, softly dividing space on various zones. The clothes freely placed on a spacious hanger, create bright colour stains in an interior. Hangers are suspended on special fastenings. Besides clothes display, the hanger also carries out set of other functions. For example, near an input, the pipe frames a corridor and carries out a role of entrance gate.

Shop Eifini

Woman's shop Eifini

Lady's shop Eifini

Eifini shop

Female shop Eifini

If instead of clothes on a pipe to suspend a curtain the fitting room will turn out. The pipe coils and lasts, as-as if a trace from a stick of the conductor, creating own melody.

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