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New building of embassy of the USA in London

Embassy in London

“A modern, friendly, safe, economic, innovative building for all times”, — so judges have responded about the project. Project Kieran Timberlake is recognized by the winner of competition of design projects of Embassy of the USA in London. The Design Project of a bureau from Philadelphia becomes a new architectural label on the bank of Thames.

The most corresponding design

In total from 37 architectural demands it has been chosen 9 which have entered into a short list. The chosen design is recognized the most corresponding to the requirements specified in the conditions of competition.

New embassy

Embassy USA

Interior embassy

Embassy of the USA

The in itself project represents the simple transparent box surrounded with landscape territory with paths at various levels. Since the second floor, the building facade is issued by protection against the sun, and also against external sights. Building terms (under the plan): 2013-2017 years.

U.S. Embassy Flythrough


New building of embassy of the USA in London {USA}