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Autostop's tripes in Europe

Free traveler

Autostop trip in Europe is much easier, than in Asia or Africa. In Europe, drivers friendly, thus free travellers feel full freedom of traveling.

Friendly Frenchmen and unfriendly Italians

Free travelersAs a rule, the driver who has picked up the free wanderer considers itself responsible for his life and safety (in overwhelming majority of cases), thus the tired traveller can count on a dinner and a lodging for the night. Carsharing across Europe is most esteemed among students from Russia.
However the rule does not extend for Italy and Spain. in these countries not the most friendly atmosphere for autostop trips. Though, good people meet in any country of the world.

The greatest difficulties of the European autostoping not to catch passing transport and to have a talk with the driver, — the Schengen Visa, is here the main problem.
The visa to you will not open, while the consulate will be assured, what you quite reliable person and will intend to return in the home. The high-grade rideshare strongly becomes complicated because of this rule.

Autostop of my life

Thus, if you not the inhabitant of the European Union, you need to have the invitation from the private or legal person which will assume overall responsibility for your behaviour. The live Schengen Visa guarantees for you friendliness of all European territory, including islands. Also if be registered in popular carpool, it will be easier to find fellow travellers and relevant friends.

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Autostop's tripes in Europe {Schengen Visa}