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Futuristic Project of Natural Skyscraper
Architectural project

Unusual Mexican Skyscraper

According to the experts, the given skyscraper (project by architectural studio «Rojkind Arquitectos») will stimulate to development of futuristic skyscrapers in the Mexican capital for building of the really innovative projects in the unique Mexican landscapes.

Identical Mexican Skyscraper

The architectural project, under the code name «R432» unites 12 landscape areas, and reaches of the top: 52 floors. On 1st three floors take places: exotic restaurants, luxurious shops, the exhibition centers, fashionable showrooms, and other entertaining institutions.

Thus, the architectural studio follows the basic architecture advice — initial floors are intended for the commercial real estate. Besides entertainments, in a skyscraper the hotel with the diversified budget of hotel rooms is planned.

For creation of interiors, architects aspired to use only natural architecture, i.e. at interior design will be used only natural wood and stony materials; NO polyester!

Skyscraper, Mexico
Unusual skyscraper
Skyscraper, Mexico City


Futuristic Project of Natural Skyscraper {skyscraper}