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The Penthouse In London is Sold For $220 Million

London, Great Britain

The magnificent penthouse with six bedrooms in the London Housing Estate the One Hyde Park has been sold for the record sum of 220 million dollars that automatically gives them the status of the most expensive private apartment in the world.

Apartments for oligarchical persons

New owners will have access to the 24-hour service in apartments of hotel Mandarin Oriental: SPA, platforms for squash, wine tastings and protection of security guards which are the former members of SAS, elite division of the British armies.

Elite Penthouse

Hyde Park, London

Magnificent Penthouse

London Housing Estate

Luxury Penthouse

The penthouse occupying two floors, has «a disturbing room» where it's possible to disappear at the moment of danger, and bulletproof windows from which the tremendous kind on Snake Lake in Hyde Park opens.

One Hyde Park. London. Great Britain


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