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The Castle

Brightly Colored Jumping Castle

Our client wanted an eye-catching visual to head up his new, self-promotional website. The brief was somewhat simple: ‘I’d like my name to be fun and playful.’ From what was quite a simple brief with many possible outcomes, we started to explore areas of childhood nostalgia. We eventually came to the solution of a brightly colored jumping castle. We wanted the type to look fun enough to play on, so we made it interweaved and structurally quirky. We approached the design with the mindset that if we were to build this for real, it would actually work.

Geo: Australia;
Category: Agency self-promo;
Agency: Toby and Pete;
Brand: Steve Back;
Advertising Agency: Toby and Pete, Sydney, Australia;
Creative Director: Steve Back;
Typographers: Toby Pike, Piotr Stopniak;
Design: Toby and Pete.

The Castle {logo}