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New Transport Strategy For London
The best future for London

The Best Future For London

Global design giants Grimshaw have released a strategic plan for the future of the UK’s infrastructure system. Entitled London: Hub City the proposal looks beyond the redevelopment of an existing airport or construction of a new complex.

“‘London: Hub City’ sets out an ambitious and achievable vision for London as the most vibrant, vital and accessible city in the world. This vision sets the context for a new aviation strategy, a new approach to supporting London’s role as a key aviation hub, and points towards radical solutions for the capital’s transport network. It builds on Britain’s pedigree of finding ingenious solutions that are pragmatic, creative and efficient, forming the basis for inherently sustainable infrastructure. It is intended to stimulate debate and act as a catalyst for more detailed investigation, towards a specific outcome: the best future for London and the UK.”

London City Heathrow City Center

More info — urbanresearchunit.com

New Transport Strategy For London {UK}