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Erl, Austria: Festspiel Garage Erl by Kleboth Lindinger Dollnig
01-Festspiel-Garage-Erl-by-Kleboth-Lindinger Dollnig

The new festival parking garage is the final component in the repositioning of the Tyrolean Festival Erl.

02-Festspiel-Garage-Erl-by-Kleboth-Lindinger Dollnig

Not far from the famous Passionsspielhaus and the spectacular new Winter Festival Hall, the new parking garage with 550 parking spaces is built. the garage develops a unique character.

03-Festspiel-Garage-Erl-by-Kleboth-Lindinger Dollnig

Seen from the south it is very carefully embedded in the landscape, from the north, however, it is clearly visible. Here, the garage becomes a stage for the festival guests: When exiting the garage, visitors enter a gallery overlooking the Inn valley.

04-Festspiel-Garage-Erl-by-Kleboth-Lindinger Dollnig

Only gradually the festival houses come into view. A clean cut 150m long wall creates a clear separation between outer space and car parking area. Optimal orientation is guaranteed by an innovative, cheerful color scheme.

05-Festspiel-Garage-Erl-by-Kleboth-Lindinger Dollnig

The three-storey structure is the latest addition to the Tyrolean Festival site, which features a 1950s summer theatre and a recently completed winter concert hall.

06-Festspiel-Garage-Erl-by-Kleboth-Lindinger Dollnig

Previously there were no nearby parking facilities, so Kleboth Lindinger Dollnig was asked to add some without disrupting views across the landscape.

07-Festspiel-Garage-Erl-by-Kleboth-Lindinger Dollnig

The steeply sloping site allowed the architects to design the building as an extension of the hillside, with a grass roof that visitors can walk over.

08-Festspiel-Garage-Erl-by-Kleboth-Lindinger Dollnig

"We wanted to create a magic structure but not a typical house," architect Gerhard Dollnig. "Visitors to the Festspiele Erl should have the feeling that the garage is something like the start ramp of the event."

11-Festspiel-Garage-Erl-by-Kleboth-Lindinger Dollnig
09-Festspiel-Garage-Erl-by-Kleboth-Lindinger Dollnig
11-Festspiel-Garage-Erl-by-Kleboth-Lindinger Dollnig

Location: Erl, Austria Architect: Kleboth Lindinger Dollnig Light Designer: Halotech Lichtfabrik Area: 13,000 m2 Year: 2012

2.2/10 (931)

Erl, Austria: Festspiel Garage Erl by Kleboth Lindinger Dollnig {Parking}