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The House Concept Combined by Leaves
House Sydney

Leaf House in Sydney

The Leaf House is a building in which people can simultaneously be and inside, and in a garden. The house, the cottage which has revived at coast in Sydney, tenants name Pavilion for Merge to the Nature. Look a video in detail showing all process of building of this unusual object.

The building is integrated into surrounding landscape and reflects qualities; the top block mixes up among trees, the base merges with plain.

Integration into the Landscape

Leaf House
Nature house
Unusual object
Unusual house

The copper-plated roof reminds the fallen leaves; in the house the dynamical structure reminding a bush of grapes grows. In the given project authors used design and technologies for achievement is high-adaptability to manufacture also complexities at the limited expenses.

The House Concept Combined by Leaves, 8 out of 10 [based on 342 votes]

The House Concept Combined by Leaves {unusually}