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The house-bridge in California

The house-bridge

The mixed place, with meadow plains and young growths of trees, and also the big ravine somewhere on the centre, a total area of 600 hundred parts, have united private construction. The house became the bridge over a ravine, having connected western and east part.

Width of the house — almost 7 metres. Has inside taken places two floors. Residential zones are located on the second floor, glass walls of these rooms leave on the south. Outside of the house there is an open wide space, under the house — closed and very limited, with accurate structure and the form.

Above, in a bridge part, it is equipped two opened court yard. From one it is possible to get to the house, another is connected to pool and a small house for visitors. All constructions are connected by the general covering on which it is possible to walk and leave on east or western part of a landscape.

Walls and a roof are covered by steel details which outside, from any coast of a ravine, look as the bridge.


The house-bridge in California {USA}