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The Architectural Futurology
New York

Architects from Studio Lindfors (New York) have reflected how New York and Tokyo through pair hundreds years will look, considering forecasts on rising of sea level.

New York City and Tokyo: the Near Future

The project is called Aqualta, the main task — to predict ways of adaptation of the population to changing conditions. According to authors of the concept, harbour and system of pendant channels will replace existing transport system.

The name has given to the project concept Acqua Alta, the name of high inflow which threaten with flooding of Venice. On illustrations the future of two mega-cities, Tokyo and New York is shown, which adapt (instead of resist or try to resist) to changes in the nature.

Future Tokyo

NYC & Tokyo

Authors assume that inhabitants of cities will move above, and as the earth (for cultivation of plants and walks) will use roofs. Cities are shown without pollution — engines, cars, power stations have become outdated and have gone out of use. Project Aqualta tries to reflect on a theme of how cities can acclimatise to the nature.


The Architectural Futurology {Tokyo}