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The magnificent yacht has gone to a way

Magnificent yacht

The new magnificent yacht from Norman Foster, Panthalassa has gone to the first travel from Italian port Viaredzhio. The yacht has added the list of vehicles of a class lux which the hand of the master has touched.

Ocean Emerald for Playboy

The first luxury yacht from Norman Foster, Ocean Emerald, has been created for the owner of brand Playboy. Panthalassa it was created for more sedate owner.

Sea part of design has executed Ron Holland, over the case and structure Lord Foster has worked.

Yacht from Norman Foster

Luxury interior

Luxury interior yacht

Luxury yacht


The yacht consists of three floors and a main deck. The main salon, a guest room and premises for a command are located below. On a deck various platforms for rest, and also food intake are organized. Certainly, the dining room is and below, more comfortable and formal.

At building natural materials were used: a teak, a skin, a granite, silk, gold and black marble.

The magnificent yacht has gone to a way {yacht}