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The green fruitful project

Eco building

Harvest Green Project became the winner of the competition initiated by the authorities of Vancouver. Architects Romses Architects have offered the decision, actual in the conditions of climatic changes on our planet — and action is devoted a theme of ecology.

The green project

The primary goal of "green" projects — to create more dense green environment, to increase sensibleness of own contribution to emissions in atmosphere, stability of our future.

Green project

Harvest Green Project

Harmless Vancouver construction

The concept "crop" is a vertical kitchen garden, as a matter of fact, where grow up vegetables, grasses, fruit, fish, plant chickens, goats and sheep. For work of all this economy renewed energy (the sun and a wind) is used. At top tanks for gathering and processing of rain water which can be applied to watering of uncountable internal and external gardens and lawns are placed.

The green fruitful project {Vancouver}