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The project «Samoo Architects and Engineers»

Seoul park plan

In total quarter of the century back wholesale market Garak Wholesale Market in Seoul was only a headache of local residents. They complained of eternal problems with movement on adjoining streets and an intolerable stench from the rotten vegetables, which dealers had not time to realise because of inefficient system of logistics.

Garak Wholesale Market Reincarnates...

However, architects of the company «Samoo Architects & Engineers» have presented the project which has won competition which will recover this area and will solve weight of the problems which have arisen before.

The abundance of foot outcomes, the huge areas set with plants, good transport system, space for sports and cultural actions — all it will transform this site of wholesale trade into significant space for a city.

556,000 sq.m. will be divided into two sectors — wholesale and retail trade. In the second sector public buildings and the areas while in the second, socle, will be more spaces for large dealers will be placed.

Samoo Architects project

Samoo Architects presents

Park in Seoul

Business hall

Office building

The wholesale market in Seoul

The logistics and transport infrastructure will be developed with the account of last defects which in this project will try to avoid. Pavilions will be supplied by modern system of ventilation, that, along with the remote placing of warehouses for vegetables (in a ground floor) will allow to avoid their premature damage and rotting. Fish and meat pavilions will settle down on a North side to facilitate an entrance of transport and the big passableness of buyers.

On this holiday of a life there will be a place and for 18 floor office buildings that will allow to improve working conditions of employees and market administration. Retail trade, unlike wholesale, will be focused on the southeast, there, where crossings of two lines of city underground are concentrated.

The project «Samoo Architects and Engineers» {trade}