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Luxury Nurai Island

Rest in Abu-Dhabi

Small island Nurai (the area of 130,000 sq.m.) is obliged by the name to the Arabian word nur, that "light" means, and completely justifies the name.

Nurai belongs to company Zaya which are engaged in the organization of elite rest. The island amazes with magnificent vegetation, pure water and beaches. Nurai, located on the northeast Abu-Dhabi, in isolation from city turmoil, it becomes fast an exclusive resort.

Visitors of island can choose to themselves a haven to taste from 60 offered apartments: 31 it is direct on a beach and 36 water country houses. According to chief executive Zaya Nadia Zaal, Nurai offers a complex of all services and conveniences of world level.

LLC Zaya — joint venture of company Tasameen and Ashjar LLC. Together they already invest more than 25 years means in development of large objects of the real estate.

“On Nurai you can have your own part of paradise and to be in minutes of a way from Abu-Dhabi. On this improbably magnificent island, you will find all services and conveniences of a world resort of the luxury class,” — has added Nadia Zaal.

Luxury Nurai Resort

Nurai island
Luxury resort Nurai
Resort Nurai
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Each country house consists of several floors. A total area of such country house — 515 sq.m. In houses on 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a garden on a roof with pool of Spa and a special delicatessen for gourmets.

The area of seaside residences fluctuates from 3000 to 6050 square metres. In them on 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. The design of resort apartments and apartment houses has been executed by New York studio Dror Studio Dror. Resort opening is planned for 2010. The starting prices for elite residences in Nurai begin with 20 million euro.

The inhabitants of resort Nurai who do not have own habitation on island, will have also access to all services and the conveniences given on a resort. In addition to modern hotel which includes three restaurants of a world class, Nurai also offers a private helicopter platform and landing stage for yachts with seaport, fitness centre, private beaches and complexes of water sports entertainments.


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