HQ Architecture + [UFO]

Mecanoo have constructed theatre and the congress centre

Llotja de Lleida

The new congress center and the theatre designed by Dutch bureau Mecanoo, reminds the huge UFO which has landed on the Spanish earth.

Llotja de Lleida

On a building facade there is a tape of windows, on a roof the garden with twisted plants is broken. The project is called Llotja de Lleida.

In registration of interiors of theater silhouettes of trees were used. Walls in a building are issued by white plaster, the floor is made of marble or a tree.

Congress centre

White interior


New congress centre

New theatre in Lleida

Building characteristics: the total area of 37,500 sq.m., theatre on 1000 spectator places, this premise also can function as the congress center, two more congress halls on 400 and 200 places, the multipurpose premise, two foyers, 9,500 sq.m. of a parking, 15,325 more m.sq. — the area of office and 2,591 m.sq. — trading premises.

Mecanoo have constructed theatre and the congress centre {UFO}