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The Integral House
Canadian house

The Unique Canadian House

The two-storeyed Integral House located near to countryside of suburb Toronto (Canada), belongs to Dr. James Stewart (the Canadian professor of mathematics, famous violoncellist). The Canadian architectural studio «Shim-Sutcliffe Architects» became authors of the project of the unique house.

From Curvilinear Exterior to Curvilinear Interior

The top part of a building is created as a translucent structure with glass facades. The bottom level consists of strong oak walls. This variety of the vertical glazed apertures and the natural oak's exterior cover is a maximally harmoniously integrated into a natural Canadian landscape.

Interior details

The passion of the client to «curves» was a starting point for design of the future house. These curvilinear interior details with doubled integrals and unusual architectural corners provide to the Integral House the unique spatial form penetrating all architectural project. Besides it, for a house interior the furniture from the legendary manufacturer is used.

House interior

Definition «the frozen music» — the fully describes this unique country house. For this reason all elements of exteriors and fragments of interiors perfectly sounds in the general symphony of an interior and appearance of the wooden Canadian house.
The main place in the house is the concert zone in which simultaneously can arrive more than 150 persons. At top level the dining room and a drawing room which is carrying out also function of theatrical balconies.

Wooden interior

The house is designed taking into account power of innovative architectural technologies and the good acoustic characteristics necessary for the ideal sound effect of a violoncello. Thus, it's possible to declare with confidence that renovations are the innovative architectural standards of housing construction.


The Integral House {unique}