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Quality Britain Skyscraper
Then Shard, London

The Shard: Building Process

In London have started building a new 72-storeyed skyscraper The Shard which name the grandiose project in the history of architecture. Supervises a birth of a new skyscraper the legendary Renzo Piano Building Workshop.

London Bridge Quarter by Renzo Piano Building Workshop

Very tall "Shard" will settle down on the Thames near to the well-known London bridge and becomes a part of a new complex the London Bridge Quarter.

London Bridge Quarter

According to a global tendency of multipurpose buildings, The Shard offices will take place for: luxury hotels with deep cleaning of apartments, hair salons & Spas, various restaurants, exotic bars, prestigious night club, fitness club, boutiques and showrooms, and other entertaining centers.

Architectural project

According to assurance of the chief engineer of the skyscraper, the architectural project will grow to 306 meters (1,004 foots), and, most likely, will be the highest skyscraper in the Western Europe.

Hall of Skyscraper, London

Besides it, cleaning service London and other municipal works will be executed with use of modern ecological standards, thus the architectural project propagandizes new standards of quality at building of modern skyscrapers.

The Shard, offices
The skyscraper
Modern skyscraper


Quality Britain Skyscraper {The Shard}