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Work in Exciting Construction Projects in London
Safety Test

It is a very exciting time to start work in the Construction Industry in London. There are several major projects which are underway in the UK capital. These include large-scale building works for the Olympic Games which are coming up in 2012 as well some construction projects on some incredibly modern skyscrapers which will revolutionise the London skyline.

While it is a great time to be working in construction, and also a very good time to be looking for work on fascinating construction projects there are certain criteria that employees will be looking for when they hire workers for these projects. Chief among these will be that the employee has a CSCS card. CSCS cards prove that the worker is competent to industry standards and has a good knowledge of Health and Safety procedures. At this time about 80% of building sites in London and the rest of the UK require all workers to have a CSCS card and this number is growing.

No matter what level you want enter construction in London at a CSCS card will be your route into the industry. The first step to getting a CSCS Card is to take a CSCS Heath & Safety test in London. After this you will need to take the correct NVQ for your skill set and you will qualify for a CSCS card. Once you get a CSCS card you will be qualified to work on these London construction sites.

Let Construction Support Line (call 0203 051 1004 for professional advice) make sure you get your Health & Safety Test, CSCS card and NVQ in the shortest amount of time possible, don’t waste time or money getting the wrong card!


Work in Exciting Construction Projects in London {UK}